The origins of 2nd Mile Church border on miraculous!  Our story is simply one where a group of people took an act of insane faith and trust in God and met a miracle at the intersection of hope.

The story of 2nd Mile began in Irving, Texas in the former Lakewood Baptist Church.  The church had been in a state of rapid decline for years, due to a declining area, and an aging building.

On Easter Sunday 2014, the church took the first of several huge steps of faith when a second service was launched at the Rave Theatre at Northeast Mall in Hurst in an attempt to expose LBC’s ministry to people on the western side of Hwy 183/121 Airport Freeway.  For 16 months, Lakewood was a multisite ministry offering an early service at the Rave, followed by the 2nd service at the church in Irving.

In September of 2015, the church took the next big step in following the Lord on this journey as Lakewood secured the Feragne Villa, a Wedding and Event Center in Hurst as its new location for a 2nd service thus moving the service from the theater over to the villa.  Service times were flipped with the early service taking place in Irving, followed by a 2nd service in the more traditional Sunday morning time slot in Hurst at the Villa. 

In September of 2016, the church voted unanimously to put the debt-free property in Irving up for sale and to relocate the church to the western part of the DFW Metroplex in the Hurst, North Richland Hills, and Northwest Fort Worth area.  And in May 0f 2017, closing of the sale occurred as LBC sold it’s property to a Christian school leaving the church without a permanent home of its own but trusting God to provide. 

In November 2017, God provided a new home for Lakewood when a church in the North Fort Worth/Watauga area had gone through a terrible tragedy with the sudden passing of their pastor and the handful of church members having no where to turn.  God miraculously linked Lakewood up with this small group of remaining members and in a miraculous turn of events, the property was given to Lakewood, who in turn paid off the remaining $49,000 in mortgage thus giving the LBC ownership of the property on Basswood Blvd in FW.  An immediate remodeling plan on the 30 year old church facility was put in place and this construction project began in mid-May.  At this time, it was announced that the ministry of Lakewood Baptist Church would officially dissolve and that the congregation would enter the recently acquired facility as a new church organization.  On Easter Sunday 2018, the name 2nd Mile Church was announced as the forthcoming church’s new name and that the launch date for the new church would take place on Sunday August 26th, 2018. We launched with 300 in attendance.