The story of how 2nd Mile Church came to be is a perfect example of God’s grace and blessings in the lives of those who remain faithful to Him. It all started in Irving, TX in the former Lakewood Baptist Church. Due to a slowly diminishing community and an aging building, the church fell into a state of rapid decline.

But on Easter Sunday of 2014, Lakewood took the first of many large steps of faith when a second service was launched at the Rave Theatre in Hurst, TX in an attempt to expose and expand their ministry. For a little over a year, Lakewood was a multisite ministry, offering an early service at the theater and a second service in Irving.

But in September of 2015, Lakewood Baptist Church took another big step by securing the Feragne Villa (a wedding and event venue in Hurst, TX) as its new location for the church’s first service. No longer meeting in the theater, Lakewood began their Sundays with an early service in Irving, followed by a secondary service at the Villa.

In September of 2016, Lakewood voted unanimously to sell the property in Irving and to relocate to the western part of the DFW Metroplex. And in May of 2017, the closing of the sale occurred as Lakewood sold its property to a Christian school, leaving Lakewood without a permanent home but trusting God to provide.

But God wasn’t finished with His plans for the church – in November 2017, a local church in the North Fort Worth/Watauga area had suffered a terrible tragedy with the sudden passing of their pastor, leaving its church members with no choice but to close their doors. But through the grace of God, Lakewood was given ownership of the property and was able to take in the remaining church members, giving them a new church home.

An immediate remodeling plan on the 30-year-old church facility was put in place. And in May of 2018, Lakewood Baptist Church officially dissolved and the congregation entered the newly renovated facility as a brand-new church organization. On Easter Sunday, Pastor Todd Dunn changed their name to 2nd Mile Church, and after years of struggling and hardship, the new church launched on Sunday, August 26th of 2018 with over 300 in attendance.

2nd Mile has become a beacon of light to those in the surrounding community, striving to hold fast to their servant-oriented mission statement: Enter to worship, depart to serve. The church serves as an excellent example of the Lord’s promise in Galatians 6:9, which says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Lead Pastor Todd Dunn has been exceptionally grateful for the Lord’s directions and guidance for his church after several years of struggle and hardship, and he looks forward with a heart full of hope as God’s plan continues to unfold!